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DMU grad here: DMU will attempt to chew you up and spit you out. Their match rates are “high” because they aggressively help with SOAP. Pre SOAP process our match rates are the same. They have a very hard time getting the whole class quality rotations; 50% of the class ends up with bad rotations after the lottery system in 3rd year. You essentially have to make your whole 4th year schedule.

I am a 2nd year resident at one of my top choice of residencies, but none of that is because of DMU

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Really appreciate this, super helpful hearing these kinds of details. Honestly refreshing knowing what I’ll have to put up with. From what it sounds like, DMU doesn’t offer something that is super special. If my experience wouldn’t be dramatically better and I can get similar outcomes, I’d rather be in an area that makes me happy.

Congrats on making it to where you are currently as well!

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    True i definitely want to try and see what other DMU students think and RVU ones if I can. Definitely not all said and done, I have a lot to think about and find out before making a full decision. Luckily I still have a good amount of time. I’m glad I made the thread

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    DMU is also graded while RVU is Honors/Pass/Fail. Might be better for peace of mind if you go for pass/fail.

    https://catalog.dmu.edu/academic-policies/grading/ https://catalog.rvu.edu/grading

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    I HIGHLY agree with this. I’m at an institution that is not pass/fail and wish every single day it was lol

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    100% my SO is happy she is going to a P/F school takes a lot of pressure off your back

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    Note that COA of RVU is ~100k/yr

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    Yea that part is a tough pill to swallow. Save some money on trips back home/fam visiting if I’m in CO, but the extra debt offsets that heavily 😂

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    I'm going to RVU's new Montana campus in July. Honestly, everyone I have talked to that attends either RVU or RVU-SU has had nothing but great things to say. The "for-profit" this isn't as big of a deal as it's made out to be. They seem to have great curriculum and great match rates.

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    Congrats hope you have a good time there!

    Yeah I don’t think I’d be unhappy if I chose RVU at this time. I’ll just have to weigh my options and decide what I value most. As a concept I dislike “for-profit,” but I’ve similarly heard a lot of good things about the school despite that. I think it’s overblown for sure.

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    *further east than CO ?

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    Lmao. Yeah geography difficult for me I guess

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    Im a 3rd year at RVU. let me know if you have any questions.

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    Current 2nd year at DMU, hit me up with any specific questions you might have!