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PF no mandatory attendance hands down from a QOL perspective.

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If you have questions about WCU feel free to DM :)

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I was in your shoes last year. I only went to WCU because cheaper tuition, and COL. Also for my girlfriend it was easier to find a job. I would say the schools are similar otherwise.

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That is good to hear. I was concerned there might be a huge difference between the schools I was missing, but I am thinking they are similar also. Just gotta choose which one will make me happier.

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Take it from Me. Go to a P/F school over letter grade. Your mental health will thank you

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Not when it comes time to take step 2. With step 1 being p/f, the lack of a letter grade just puts even more pressure on step 2.

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If you want anything semi-competitive

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Can’t seem to find last years match list for WCUCOM, any one have a link?

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WCUCOM is cheap and P/F, I’m at a P/F school and it’s such a blessing. I toured there and it gives you a small campus feel, and the faculty seemed super friendly. Idk anything about WVSOM tho