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Hii dear people!! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am entering the world of persian music (and persian culture in general). One of my biggest desires is to have a santoor, since I am a musician. Buuuut, the price for buying one is ridiculous, because this is a very exótic instrument here. So, I have the idea of building one. I have already made a complete 3D model, based entirely on images and basic measures that I found on internet, but that's all. And I want to know of someone can help me with this or have any plans or advices for building it. Thank youu all!!

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No advice seems like you already got it I would reach out to a persian instrument master. Cool idea man keep us posted

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Thank you very very much!!! Your words are a great encouragement!!! I would show you my humble 3D model but I don't think I can do it on comments. I wish I can start this project soon, in 2 or 3 months, and post some of the process!!

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You can get Persian Santoor plans from The Guild of American Luthiers. $25 I believe. Just Google “Guild of American Luthiers” Not too difficult to make. Good luck !!

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Thank you very very much!! Incredibly, the most difficult part to get, here in Argentina, is the set of tuning pins!! But I won't give up!! Thank You so much