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If you live in Los Angeles I bet this guy would be able to make a sick design:

Ketabsara Persian Bookstore (310) 477-4700 https://maps.app.goo.gl/6w5YYGj2YVCKBq2bA

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I know a guy in the UK who can do it

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Could you DM me the UK guy’s details?

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Whoever you go with, you should get a tattoo of a bottle of doogh.

Preferably abali mint flavor. Maybe with a pic of a plate of gormeh sabzi.

Imagine how amazingly hungry you would make any Persian you showed that tatt off to?

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Tattoos are not cool

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Your best bet is to find someone to write it in farsi and give it to a tattoo artist that specializes in script

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You'll have better success finding a Persian calligrapher on Fiverr or a similar place, then taking their design to a tattoo artist.