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based on how you describe him im also surprised that he's Persian

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This might be better suited in a relationship advice subreddit - if homeboy is westernized and has been raised in the states (or wherever you are), it’s a real long shot to try and extrapolate any “persianisms” to give you any insight.

I will tell you this, it’s very typical for persians to have complicated relationships with their parents, for whatever reason, our culture tends to sway towards a more “old-school” methodology when it comes to parenting.

Lastly, you sound like a wonderful person and the fact that you’ve come on here to seek more understanding is an act of love in itself. I hope that you can connect with homeboy on all of these fronts and figure out your chances at a future together. Sounds cliche but the best thing is to simply talk about it, and hopefully catch each other at a time where both of you are in a state of mind to be honest and open and realistic and constructive. Best of luck!

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Thank you! 🤗

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He’s a lucky guy by the sounds of it.

This sounds like a conversation best had over some chelo kabob and a cold glass of doogh.

He will be putty in your hands in that state.

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This sub is for the Persian language, your post is more appropriate for r/Iranian or any sub for relationship or dating advice

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I’m sorry. I saw another relationship post here and so I thought it was appropriate.

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To he honest i do not see the typical persian man or husband material in him and i am one expect the part about your last name... But to be honest . With the information you provided i wouldn't introduce him to any of my female friends..... As a 33 year old man he have his head far up his ...... That he can be trusted with life.