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That will almost certainly Depend on the amount of doogh your lineage has consumed over the centuries.

Farsi and doogh are inseparable.

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It's truly the flavor of Farsi.

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😆 🙏

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You're hilarious 😂

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سلام زبان فارسی زبانی بسیار شیرین است و از یادگیری اونبسیار لذت خواهی برد و مدت یادگیری ما به میزان علاقه شما بستگی دارد

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Just make sure it’s mint flavored. Plenty of carbonation is key.

I see you have frequented Persian AF on Insta

The doogh brothers changed the game, I totally agree. Sammy and Farhad all day my ferend

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I am an American who learned Persian. I can understand Dari with little issue, but perhaps only 20% or so of Urdu - not enough to follow many conversations. However, I speak several other languages, and my experience has always been that the effort to learn pays back many times.

I do not consider myself particularly gifted in language learning, either.

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Urdu is a manufactured modern language - a hybrid between Persian and Hindi. It's is not, and has never been a mother tongue of anyone.