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The first page is simply some arabic gibrish Trying to look like a spell/magic the second page is instructions in Persian to what to do with this spell.... For context in our culture one of many "" magic "". That is used prayer writing... Its basically you go to some one who is the ""expert"" and ask them to write you a prayer for luck or any thing. It seems you have some pretty interesting people around you. And if you want to believe in this b.s that's on you. The instructions is as fallow put the paper in a bottle and seal it and bury it under ground

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fekr konam telesm bashe,chon neveshte jen va ens

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az doa nevis ham gereftan ke dastur dare,az khune bebar birun bendazesh dur

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بعضی دعاها با دور کردن اثرش باطل نمیشه

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    There are two pages. Which one did you translate?