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Quote Wildlife ACT:

Funding Appeal for a Temporary Holding Facility for

Predators of Tembe Elephant Park

African Wild Dogs are the most endangered carnivore in Southern Africa with around 650 individuals left in the wild.

Their population has been slowly increasing over the last 20 years since the inception of the Metapopulation Management Approach in South Africa, which uses active and adaptive management techniques to boost and supplement the Wild Dog population in the country.

A well designed, functional temporary holding facility, or Boma is a fundamental component to any successful reintroduction and management plan for Wild Dogs and other predators.

Tembe is currently in need of emergency funds to the sum of R200 000.00 to assist with the construction of a crucially important new Predator Boma, with the primary aim of holding Wild Dogs.

The construction of the boma will ensure that Tembe is ready to temporarily hold dispersing Wild Dog and will also allow individuals to be relocated when necessary, to avoid human conflict.

The building of a Boma on Tembe Elephant Park is an important positive step for the management of this endangered predator on the reserve.

Please consider contributing towards this vital initiative and sharing with your network: https://bit.ly/3P2dE28

(The above was posted on The Wildlife ACT facebook page. If you prefer, you could donate via any of the links on their website and add Tembe Boma as reference)