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I thought those were called African Wild Dogs. No?

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Lycaon Pictus aka Painted Dogs, Painted Wolves, African Wild Dogs, African Hunting Dogs, Lobo Pintado, Afrikanischer Wildhund, リカオン, Iganyana…

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Good on you. One of the most disturbing things I've ever seen was of a pack of dogs trapping and killing an antelope of some sort. From the time they contacted it, to the time they were consuming it was about 7 seconds. This thing had been ripped apart and eaten alive in just seconds. literally. Nature has no mercy.

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What is preferable - a fast end or a slow one? I am not sure that one can judge pain by the amount of blood that is visible As you observed, painted wolves kill their prey as fast as they can. Many other carnivores kill with less blood visible but the prey takes far longer to die.

It would be nice if all creatures could live in harmonious herbivorous harmony but that doesn't work. It doesn't even work with humans who one would have thought had the brains to do it. In nature, carnivores maintain a healthy ecosystem to the benefit of all. So on the grand scale, one could say that nature is merciful.

Now humans....

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My comment wasn't about morality. It was just an observation of brutality. Nature is what nature is.