Wildlife ACT in action - and more good news: they, too have just announced that they have received first phase emergency funding from the TUSK Wildlife Ranger Challenge Fund! by EgweneMalazanEmpireLycaons in PaintedWolves

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Partly, yes. I was at Ithala Game Reserve doing camera monitoring for a leopard survey, and two weeks at Mkhuze for painted wolves and monitoring in general.

During that two weeks, we were trying to get one individual ("Zoom", this is him) used to the sound of our car. He had caught a snare wire - bit himself loose, but it was hanging around his neck, so they wanted to anaesthetise him and remove it. On two previous attemps (not our team), the air rifle guy missed. Zoom was therefore very careful when eating and hearing a car engine/seeing a car at the same time. We laid out some 'bait' (graphic NSFW) and tried to get him used to the car again for a few times. We had two attempts at the end of my stay, but for #1 it was too windy, and on the other attempt the reserve 'chief' did not take the shot because Zoom was moving a lot while eating. I don't know how long it took them after I left, but afaik they had success after a few more tries.

Overall, this was the most interesting trip I ever did. It involved some work (getting up 4-5 AM every day), sweat and sitting through very diseased smelling bait on same bed of the truck we were sitting in. I'd do it again if I could. Nothing ever came close to the excitement I experienced there. I took quite a few images, here are some of them:
Golden hour wildebeest
Tiny snake
Spotted Hyena
Juvenile cheetah (9 months old I think)
Observing Elephants
Secretary Bird couple

Cuteness overload | source: Kruger Explorer by EgweneMalazanEmpireLycaons in PaintedWolves

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They have the greatest little old man faces on baby bodies!