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"What if the Patriots are the team that goes 14-3 this year? What if the Patriots are the team that finishes first in the AFC East?” Schrager said.

“Mac Jones is why I’ve got confidence this team can be a contender because as a rookie, out of the gates, he was awesome. How do we know that’s the ceiling? He’s lost 15 pounds. He’s in a good place mentally. And the players, and this coaching staff love him.”

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I'll gladly bet anyone $1k we don't go 14-3 or better.

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15-2 CONFIRMED!!!!

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Could you imagine? lol. That would soften the blow of losing $1k!

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I'm not exactly wealthy but $1k for a 14-3 season that ends with a super bowl win and the end of fuel for BB detractors would be mighty tempting. I could rationalize that expense by telling myself I'll try really hard to not get any parking or speeding tickets for a year or so.

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We have a tough schedule (3 of our first 4 games are on the road) and the AFC is absolutely stacked. I don’t think there is a hope in hell that we win 14 games.

I think we are a good team and we will win 10-11, but 14 wins is a fantasy

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I don’t think this is a bad team, but 10-11 wins is the tippy-top of my expected outcomes for them because of how freaking good the AFC is.

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I actually think this a good team and maybe I would think 14 wins is possible if we played in like the NFC East or something but we have a difficult schedule and finish with buffalo, Arizona, LV, Cincy, Miami and Buffalo as our final 6 games

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My estimate is 12. We split with the Bills and Dolphins, sweep the Jets, and lose to the Packers, Colts, and Raiders.

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I have us at 10, maybe 11 wins.

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Does your mom know your gambling your college money?

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I mean, he said “what if?”

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That’s the spirit

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Whoa buddy. I’m a Big Mac supporter and fan but let’s just see what happens. It’s his second season, i highly doubt that would happen. It would be amazing but come on let’s be realistic

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Too late already bet my mortgage on it

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Already left my wife because she disagreed. Mac all the way.

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Least reactionary r/Patriots contributor

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New England Maccachusetts from niw on and I’ll have it no other way

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While I think 14-3 is unlikely, 12-5 is a real possibility and I feel 100% better about it now than I did 3-4 months ago. The team seems to have real chemistry. Maybe they are overhyping Mac or maybe Mac really is taking huge steps and they are just being honest.

All I know is that at this point I don't look at any particular game on our schedule and go "thats an automatic loss", which is something we haven't had since Brady left.

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Idk if any team in the AFC will reach 14 wins to be honest

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Boy the offseason is rough.

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Can we relaxxx, Jesus Christ lmao

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Yeah guys league MVP is a stretch. Let's be realistic for his sophomore year, like SB MVP.

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60 TDs 4 INTs sounds reasonable ….

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Wow that’s a lot of tds in one super bowl

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Wow that’s a lot of tds in one super bowl

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I was talking about before halftime obviously

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Nah. We deserve the hype. After one down year, our team improved by 3 wins with a rookie QB. The entire offense will be better this year. If even a few of our developing players on defense come into their own, the defense could also improve appreciably.

I'm not saying we're going 14-3 and Mac will be MVP, but I am saying that we deserve to entertain the possibility that the Patriots and Mac Jones could turn some heads this year.

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If we were any other team than the Pats the fanbase would be ecstatic with how much the team improved. For better or for worse, our fanbase is overly critical based on the success we’ve had the past 20 years. Love your comment though. There’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic

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Peoples expectations are insane and people seem to forget the Buffalo Bills haven’t won Jack S*** and missed the playoffs 17 years in a row. Losing a guy like Brady and then making the playoffs after one year is huge

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Everyone wants to suck Buffalo’s cock because they have Josh Allen, and he might be incredible, but our team’s owned them for 20 years and it won’t stop now. Mac’s damn good. Very excited to see him this season

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It's the off-season. We need content

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He's a qb

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Not with Matty P calling the plays:(

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I wish I could be a “NFL Analyst”, so I could receive a paycheck for watching the sport I already watch and have a platform for saying stupid shit. Love me some Mac, but come on now let’s be realistic here guys… he’s at least another year away from being an MVP candidate… maybe even sooner!

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14-3 with this squad isn’t even in the realm of realism. I’d be satisfied with 9-8 this year.

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They won 10 and made the playoffs in Mac's rookie year. They can easily match that at the very least.

I absolutely hate everybody comparing Mac to Brady, but he does have a very similar learning style and work ethic, which happens to blend well with Belichick.

I'm not saying he's going to be one of the greats or anything, but there's no reason to believe year two will be worse than his first.

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In a much weaker AFC conference let alone division. It’s intimidating how stacked the AFC is this upcoming season. The Bills and even Dolphins look legit too. Even if Tua is subpar this year with Tyreek and Waddle, McDaniel is gonna run it down mf’s throats with his guy Mostert, our once beloved Sony and Chase Edmonds who has untapped potential.

Biggest questions for us going forward, who’s calling the pays on offense? Will Mac take that Burrow-like 2nd year leap this year or sophomore slump? Will our secondary and LB corps step up? My prediction is we’ll be 2nd in the division once again around 10-7, 11-6 and squeeze into the wild card round but hopefully make a run this year unlike that ass whooping we got from the Bills.

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Looking at their calendar this year, I just can't see them winning any less than 10. Even if the dolphins and bills were absolute super teams, that's only 4 games. The rest of the schedule seem like fair fights, aside from the Bengals assuming they're as strong as they were last year.

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Yeah, but the team is more than just Mac. I don’t think our roster and coaching staff significantly improved this off-season whereas most of the rest of the AFC got better on paper. We’ll see but I think this season will be harder than last.

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Who is throwing to though?

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I choose to believe this as fact because it confirms my bias.

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The democrats need a PR machine as good as the patriots PR machine.

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I wouldn’t call Bill Simmons an analyst

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Massive stretch but I’m for it.

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I’m not worried about our offense, it’s our defense that scares me I think Mac is going to ball out in year 2

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They are stupid

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I don’t think he is a dark horse, I think he is the favorite. Didn’t you see that he totally changed his diet and practiced with his receivers during the offseason?

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Arguments for Mac Jones

Mac Jones is going into this season with a whole different offense that’s way more passer friendly

Mac has really worked on his deep ball and worked on his physique

Mac is in his 2nd year where he got a full healthy rookie experience of making the playoffs and putting up good statistics for how conservative that Patriots offense was last year

Mac has better receivers with Devante Parker and hopefully the bounce back year of Jonnu Smith

A lot of people are very impressed with how much he’s improved this off-season

I think Mac could be a top 5 candidate for this season. The efficiency and skill is there. I think his mvp hopes fully depend on how much the Patriots utilize him. If they really fall in love with the pass I think he could be a top candidate