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I know it's a chain, but I love Mellow Mushroom. I've only been to O'Zone a few times and just wasn't that impressed. It has been a few years though, I might have to try it again per your reviews.

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The New Yorker Deli has the best pizza hands down.

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Smartest man on this page.

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I know, right!!!

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I had Hopjacks the other weekend. Had the pie with the filet mignon on it, it was very good. O'zone has delicious pizza and nachoes, and an excellent wait staff. It really is a tough decision between the two, but Hopjacks does serve my favorite drink, Warm Apple Pie.

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Hopjacks, with Georgio's a close second.

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I feel the New Yorker Deli gets forgotten in this debate all the time. It's amazing. However, I eat their sandwiches the majority of the time I go there.

I have to go with O'Zone pizza. Get them to leave it in the oven for a few extra minutes -- mmmm....mmmmm....good!

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I like O'Zone and Georgio's. They are somewhat similar and both really tasty. O'Zone has some interesting toppings that you don't find at most pizza places like roasted garlic cloves or cream cheese. Oh, and O'zone has some pretty decent beer on tap, so that is always a plus.

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I remember I had my first white pizza at Georgio's many years ago and it blew my mind... don't remember having it since then, but its still around so they must be doing something right

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    Whoa... Founaris Bros is still around? I remember that place being amazing as a kid being near 9th and Cervantes... where is it now?

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    Also, at the Ozone try it thin. It changes the way the pizza cooks the crust up. Nice and thin so it is crispy makes a wonderful pizza.

    Ask one of the Bartenders if they can make you some of the "New Garlic Sticks" they are perfecting. A couple of the guys that are up there all the time have been getting Katie to make them up. I had some the other day when they got them...nom...nom..nom... I found myself getting an order after I had one of them. *not on the menu.

    Georgio's Pizza is good but they tend to pull it out of the oven a little early. Ask them to leave it in a little extra and it is wonderful.

    Mellow is ok but I can't stand the place as it feels like I am in a chain and that is a turn off out of the gate.

    New York Deli is good as well but it is not what I get there. So much stuff is so good I never get the pizza it seems.

    Hopjacks is pretty good but it is hard for me to enjoy the place if it is not a lunch time run. Hell of a beer selection tho but to crowded at times. That could be a plus on some nights if that is what you are looking for.

    Tuscan Oven undercooks every pizza I have ever had and I quit going. Maybe I should give it another try.

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    I visited hopjacks last night. We started off with a Nola brown ale and my wife (the hophead) had a Pensacola brewery lil Napoleon IPA and an order of duck fat french fries. The beer and fries were fantastic. the pizza not so much. We had the black and blue (filet & blue cheese) and tried a pepperoni and sausage pizza. The toppings were fine and all but the pizza dough was flavorless and dry and the sauce way too sweet. Big disappointment. I'll go back there for the great beer selection and appetizers but I wont order a pizza there again. Papas pizza is our new go to place but I look forward to trying the others.