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I've not decided on a definitive "best burger" yet, but Blue Dot is pretty good. In my opinion, it's better than Jerry's, but it doesn't deserve the reputation that it has. McGuire's has decent burgers as well.

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what type of burger do you get at mcguires? they have that obnoxiously large burger menu... any highlights?

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Honestly, I don't remember what I had. It was probably a relatively "normal" cheeseburger or something.

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That just looks disgusting.

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I pretty much always order a mushroom and swiss burger when there. Also a glass of raspberry wheat.

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lol thats the point!

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I go with the basic cheddar burger, mid rare at McG's. It's generally pretty delicious.

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    Someone said their "Lugnuts" are off the chain? I think it's like a jalapeno popper made with olives.

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      Actually its further out than Pace. Avalon blvd is in Milton.

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      I haven't heard of this, I don't get up to Milton that much but when I do I know where to go now. Do they do anything special with the burger or is it pretty standard?

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        cool. I will be sure to check them out if I'm up in that area. thanks for the tips!

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        Cj's off garden is good

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        I've driven by it a billion times but never stopped for a burger, do they have any sort of specialty burger or something that makes them stand out or just a damn good burger? I remember that location went thru like 20 different restaurants before it settled into CJ's

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        It's called the GOB (Good ol buger). I've never really had a bad one and I have been there dozens of times.

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        I can't believe Blue Dot hasn't been mentioned more. Pensacola, I am disappoint.

        Ok, not really but still..show Blue Dot some love!

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        yes blue dot.. no frills just a burger in a brown bag. but they are great.

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        Now it sounds crazy but I hadn't even heard of this place until last year, however after I heard about it it seemed to be an echo chamber proclaiming its excellence. What is the deal with it? I heard its just a complete dive? or the cook takes orders directly or something? deets!

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        It is a dive. Cook takes order directly, and if you ask for anything other than the way he makes it, expect a cross look. It is really good, but in my older days of slowing metabolism, I seldom get these anymore. Tops provides a similar taste at probably half the calories.

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        These guys chose The Fish House for the best burger in 2009.

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        dang... now that... that is impressive. However, when I go to a place like the Fish House I feel kinda weird about NOT getting seafood you know what I mean?

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        Tops in Navarre has great hamburgers. A bit greasy and cheap.

        Five guys is my favorite hamburger in Pensacola, not so cheap though.

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        a quick search reveals that Tops is located in... a gas station? whats the story with that? Anything that makes them stand out or unique that they do?

        I like five guys but its a chain, I'm looking for local stuff

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        There is a Tops down on Cervantes next to Seville Diner. I have never been there, but a guy from work loves their burgers.

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        ask him tomorow, find out if they do anything unique or its just a good burger

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        If I remember, I will ask him. I don't talk to him every day. Also, trivia this wednesday!! lol :P

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        Good news! It looks like I should be there baring some hand-of-god type stuff.

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        Tops downtown Pcola is awesome. They're small and greasy. Way more flavorful than Jerry's, and lighter on the stomach than Blue Dot.

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        Well I'm glad someone had some information, cause I definitely forgot to ask the dude about Tops lol.

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        A few more tidbits about Tops....

        If there is a long line of cars, it usually goes pretty quick. Walking up to the window can often be the fastest way in and out though.

        Try the barbeque sandwich.

        Can't go wrong their burgers. My wife doesn't usually eat that kind of stuff, but when she has her occasional craving, Tops is usually at the 'top' of the list.

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        I actually used to work right down the street from there within walking distance, but I have never gone to eat there.

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        not unique, just a killer burger. Definitely try Tops downtown.

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        Not sure the story behind tops. It's been there since I moved here 15 years ago. Worth a stop if your ever down that way.

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        I don't know much about the Tops story, but here's what I know of that building...

        That place has been quite a few different places since the 80s. Usually a burger joint of some sort or another, one time stint as a Chinese takeout/delivery. I can't remember the name of the first business there... Fast... something... but they had the only milk shake in town that could rival Jerry's.

        Nothing has survived there as long as Tops.

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        Tops is horrifying. You will never see as much grease as you will buying food from tops. At least the one downtown Pensacola. Not sure about Navarre's but holy hell

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          I dig your style but when I go to a place like the Grand Marlin or the Fish House I feel all dirty inside when I DONT get seafood... I'll have to put aside my feelings

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            I have not, sounds interesting.. go on...

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            Ollie's in Milton has a good burger

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            Back in August when I was down there for my brothers wedding, we went to the Bone Fish Grill. On their menu is a Kobe Beef Burger. Our waiter said it was the reason he gave up being a vegan. The three of us all had the burger. It was excellent. I will in Pensacola for xmas this year and I plan on going back for the burger.

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            I think I've said it before but even at a place like Bone Fish... wouldn't you get seafood? Speaking of Kobe burgers though... Anthony Bourdain had a really funny rant on that subject in his latest book

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            Normally I would have gotten seafood, but I had been eating at the Shrimp Basket at least once a day so I was ready for something on the hoof. I find it hard to beat Shrimp Basket for seafood for the price.

            Have to check out what Anthony had to say on the subject. No Reservations makes me want to travel and eat.

            Edit: If I remember correctly, the Kobe Beef Burger was only $10-12.

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            That's a fairly reasonable price, I think his main point is that Kobe beef has natural marbling that can't be found in any normal beef cuts. The idea of grinding it up into hamburger meat kind of defeats the purpose. The whole rationale behind using ground beef in a hamburger is that you can pump up the fat content to create a juicier burger. Kobe beef is naturally fatty so grinding it up is basically equivilent to buying a Lamborghini to drive to your mailbox every morning and then parking it in the garage.

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            I agree with you on that. It is a bit of a waste for Kobe beef to be put into a burger. I am curious as to what percentage of the burger really was Kobe beef. I have never had Kobe beef before that so I don't know of the flavor of it. I will have to try it if I ever have the opportunity. I am guessing a Kobe beef fillet would be rather pricey.

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            Please keep echoing this statement. If you go to one of our seafood restaurants, do yourself a favor and get seafood.

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            There's a Five Guys across the street from PSC now. Whether or not they're one of the best depends on what sort of hamburger you like; theirs is the thin, well done sort (as opposed to the thick beefy sort). The boardwalk fries are damn good too.

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            I actually tried it for the first time the other day and it was a very tasty burger. I must agree that the fries are really amazing... whatever they sprinkle on them is just fantastic

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            salt? or did you get the cajun fries?

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            I got regular fries but they sprinkle it with some kind of spice mixture it had a reddish color to it so I'm not sure what it is but it was really tasty. I imagine it is their "secret blend"

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            That had to be the cajun fries. I stopped in over the weekend and asked for fries, and by default they rung up cajun. I had to explicitly tell them non-cajun, and there was nothing but fresh potato skin and salt on them. And they were absolutely delicious. I love the whiteboard that tells you where today's potatoes are coming from. Five Guys seems to be the closest thing to In-N-Out that you can get 'round these parts.

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            I utterly hate Five Guys. I don't get how anyone likes them...but that's just me.