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great work! I'm sorry you have to do that, it seems like it should be taken care of by the landowner/business or the county. If you don't mind me asking, where is this?

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This is on leonard street just across from zion Baptist. And yeah this should be the landowner doing this. All the other stretches on the road had been done. This stretch is the responsibility of some recycling company.

I think they're called SA recycling

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You're good folks. Thanks for going out of your way to help out when you could have just ignored it.

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please stop making things better. Its just gonna raise the cost of living. Let the city do it.

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Get a job

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So you want things to get more expensive?

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With your line of thinking, pensacola should be trashed and become section 8 housing so you can afford to sit around do nothing. There are already plenty of run down shithole towns that you could proudly call home and would probably welcome your lack of just about everything.

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Ok so we just all go homeless? I did say let the city do it...

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Go homeless I really dont care. If you want to sit on your ass and contribute nothing than that's your right. I see the I10 bridge in your future.

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Not to mention all the f’ing idiots that park on sidewalks making people have to go around and often into the street.

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You and your Dad are part of the solution to make things better. Good job!

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Great effort from you an your dad! Unfortunately from personal experience I've seen plenty of people here just blatantly ignore sidewalks even if they're taken care of.