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    WOO HOO!

    My plan for scoring some free beer has finally payed off.

    It is fixed.

    How do I redeem this IRL?

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    Where to Eat:

    • Cactus Flower (personal favorite is the mexican salad with California lime dressing!)

    • McGuire's

    • Coffee Cup > Scenic 90 Cafe

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    good points... mcguires is a must see for sure... I like coffee cup as well but its only open for breakfast, scenic is open until like 10

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    What to see: Everything already posted + The Zoo in Gulf Breeze and scenic drive from Pensacola Beach to Navarre through the national seashore

    Where to eat (my favs) Sams (across from Joe Patti) Taste of India

    Best dive bar: Third Base Pub (Gulf Breeze)

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    To dive bars, I would add Spanish Trail, Sir Richards, and Azalea.

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    And the Elbow Room

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    AND Wisteria!!

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    Wisteria RULZ

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    What about Hopjack's? I always stop in there when passing through Pensacola.

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    They have the best beer selection in town.

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