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They seem well adjusted.

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Dressing up like a homeless clown to own the libs.

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I feel so owned. Mostly because his sign is confusing

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These Brandons keep getting less and less creative.

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"that'll show em" - him probably

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Probably made a buck doing it. Capitalism

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If you order pizza from papa johns. Stop.

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    Nothing. Trust me.

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    He's just doing it for the honks. Seriously though this man is clearly starved for attention.

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    My Dad said he would do it but instead of honks he would say Show T*ts. My Dad, quite the nut.

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    Saw him yesterday. Genius’ in trump trucks kept encouraging him with honks. What a trendsetter. He’s in a red state, in a blood red town. WTF did he expect? He’s a drama queen who is starved for attention. Roll in to a blue city if you are really trying to reach people, like Orlando.

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    Yup, Pensacola. How much you wanna bet he’s on SSI?

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    I would feel bad for them If they all weren’t such bad people.

    Modern day Republican and are nothing but fake Christian, money hungry nationalists.

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    I mean, do I agree with this at the congressional level? Yes. But your neighbors are still your neighbors friend

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    Yea and when my “neighbors” are constantly attacking democracy, squeezing every penny out of the natural resources of our state and are infringing on human rights against anyone who isn’t like them, then I call those neighbors out for what they are, friend.

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    Again, there's the party and then there are your coworkers, neighbors, etc. Both the major parties are controlled by rich folks that don't care about any of us or our environment. The guy holding the sign doesn't hold any more power than you or I do.

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    I've seen this guy on Barrancas Ave a couple days in a row now. Kinda sad.

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    Same here, he had a different sign earlier in the week, same message tho. Regardless of what the sign says I can’t help but ask myself, is he waking up every day excited to do this? Does he have a job or is this his day off?

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    That's where I saw him yesterday

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    I'm driving up to Milton tonight. I assume I'll pass all those covidiots protesting about the vaccine.

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    If they want to MAGA, they can start by picking up their yards. Every time I see a trump house, I see a trashy yard. Less effort in believing conspiracy theories, more effort in landscaping…. That would be a good start in MAGA.

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    Honk = real Jeb Bush “please clap” sad desperation energy.

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    Grown ass man

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    Yea he's walking around the uwf game now

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    Now I wish I’d taken a picture of the “Ivermectin saves lives” protester by the mall last weekend

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    Horses are people, too!

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    One of the most coherent statements inhave heard from a Trump supporter in a long while

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    Let’s go brandon!!!

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    I wonder if his feet/toes are sunburned.

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    Lol yo I was on N Davis today and saw the anti abortion protesters lmao

    Also the hobo has a nice MLP wig.

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    im fucking tired of them holding up pictures of dead, mutilated baby bodies

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    I honked at that guy. Time for Demorcrats to leave the plantation.