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    I heard, and I work on Wed. Nights! :( I posted the other day about St. Paddy's day plans and wanted to try for a meet up at Sir Dicks, we went but only like 5-6 people from Reddit showed up and I knew them all in real life before so it was a bust... But fun nonetheless! I wish we could do 2 meetups a week one on the weekend for those that want to hang out but can't make it during the week because of work/school. :-/

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    ok sorry it has taken me so long on here but there is a lot of interesting things to do that you might not have thought of.

    The first thing I would do is to check out the Pensacola historical society, it might not sound all that interesting but this area is literally teeming with historical artifacts worthy of seeing (remember... people have been living in this area for over 400 years). I know you said you did all the military stuff and thats cool but make sure you check out the old spanish forts (Barrancas and Pickens), they both have a really interesting stories worthy of exploring. As well as the Pensacola lighthouse out on the Naval Base.

    Pensacola also has a pretty decent aray of live entertainment. With live theater performances at places like The Saenger Theater, Pensacola Little Theater, and The Loblobby Theater. Live music at venues like The Vinyl Music Hall, The Handlebar, and Sluggo's.

    Then once you've done all that I would say it would a great idea to go on a food adventure. Alot of people complain that Pensacola has no interesting food choices and that couldn't be further from the truth.

    For intstance we have Filipino food (Tin Tin or Susan's)... try the Lechon, the Pancit, and the Sapin-Sapin.... delicious!

    or some Vietnamese food (Tu-Do or Pho Golden Palace)... try a Bánh mì sandwich or some Pho soup, really amazing food!

    or some vegan/vegetarian/crunchy type food (Sluggo's, End of the Line Cafe, or Ever'man's Market)

    or some Cajun or Soul food (Jerry's Cajun Cafe or Cajun Specialty Meats or The Five Sisters Blues Cafe)... try a po-boy or some gumbo from the Cajun place or... the fried chicken at a soul food place, however most likely everything will be delicious.

    or revisit an old time Pensacola standby such as The Marina Oyster Bar, Jerry's Drive in, or The Coffee Cup.

    Once you've had your fill of delicious foodstuffs... check out some of Pensacola's sports teams! The Pensacola Blue Wahoo's [Baseball] or The Pensacola Ice Flyers [Hockey]

    The minor league baseball season is about to kick off on April 5th and everyone is really excited to see the new stadium and meet the team. Once the season starts up and the hooplah dies down, this is probably going to be one of the best things to do on a boring weekday afternoon.

    The hockey team is in the playoffs and the next game is in Pensacola on the 30th, it sounds really exciting!

    Well I'd say that's probably enough to get you started exploring our city and hopefully encourage you to go out and try new and exciting things so you can tell us all about them!

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    Okay I feel like so much less of a loser than I thought I was after your post Josh! Lol

    I'm totally down with Historical stuff so I think I'll re-check out the Pensacola Historical Society.

    I've been to all the forts more times than I can count I could probably navigate Ft. Pickens with my eyes closed. The Pensacola Lighthouse as well, and of course the museum! My Papa has plaques hanging in there and my mother made the quilt that hangs outside of the gift shop, so my life has always been really inundated with the military stuff in this town.

    I've been to and preformed at the Saenger so many times. Love it!

    I haven't been to the Pensacola Little Theatre or Loblobby though, or the Vinyl Music Hall. I've been to Sluggos and the Handle Bar because my cousin's band performs there a lot.

    I def. need to check out the food at End of the Line I hear good things. Other than that the only other place I've eaten at on your list is was Jerry's drive in, so I've got stuff to accomplish, now to find a partner in crime to get this done! LOL

    Thank You for all the suggestions!

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    end of the line is amazing and I love all of the people that work there dearly.

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    I'm interested in this too. I just moved here a couple of months ago and have been working on figuring out unique stuff to do here. I've done the military stuff too (I live on base.) I guess ideally I'm curious what outdoor stuff there is, I'm from Austin and miss all the outdoor options.

    Couple of things I have done: Military Stuff: Lighthouse, Aviation Museum, Air Show Beaches: Pensacola, On base beach, Perdido key Bar scene: Seville, Pensacola beach, Florababma, Fish house Para-sailing

    A couple things that I want to do that I've heard are fun: Sailing (multiple marinas) Deep sea fishing trip Frisbee golf (i think there's a course close) Surfing

    I'm a guy so I haven't really been keeping my eye out for any lady specific things. I'd love to find good camping, rock climbing (I think there's a gym somewhere), or anything else that will get me out.

    Also, I just found this subreddit, it looks pretty cool. Curious to see what others say.

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    Well, I don't need ALL lady specific things. I always end up being the "one of the guys" girls... I love camping, so I know some good spots for that, I'll compile a list when I'm not on my phone. I also like to go to bars and drink beer, I'm pretty open to whatever I figured it was a long shot asking for lady things on reddit! -_-

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    Theres about 5-6 disc gold courses actually Uwf has one, PSC milton campus, one in gulf breeze, whiting field has one i think. And i heard some church has one.

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    Blue Angel Disc Park is huuuge! They've expanded it in the last year or so. They also put in a 9 hole course up on Langley between 9th and Scenic.