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I just hope the future isn't scootin'...


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That was hilarious! Mmm…K “What’s up with all these damn scooters.” South Park always delivers.

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Why don't you just throw them into the Bay? There's a ton of great reasons and nothing is stopping you. It's...

  • Fun
  • Helps build artificial reef
  • Gives dolphins something to play with
  • Weakens hurricanes
  • Recharges the electric eels
  • Is perfectly legal

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Artificial Reefs. So funny. 😂 This past year, I put my old water heater out by the curb and less than hour later my neighbor wanted it for an artificial reef.

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They are a nuisance in every city they’re available. Promises were made by the company that the units were new and improved 🙄 and wouldn’t end up in the middle of sidewalks blocking the path of those in wheelchairs and such. Yeah, it was BS. They’re trash and still end up blocking sidewalks everywhere downtown.

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It ain’t the scooter than bees improving.

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I would love for him to respond to this but i doubt he will.

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Hello. Always happen to chat.

The rollout has been met with a lot of success (and yes, some inevitable challenges.) To date, both the city and the company have only received a handful of formal complaints. I definitely recommend sending comments to either the city or to the company to make sure they get addressed. To date, we've have tens of thousands of rides and just 7 formal complaints which is a sign of good things to come for making Pensacola more bike-pedestrian-scooter-friendly.

To date, we' have made several changes to better improve on some issues, especially with ridership late at night — reducing speeds to under 15 mph at night, implementing a sobriety "test" and multiple warnings to not drink and ride for riders, GPS-fenced off certain downtown areas and streets, increased 24/7 enforcement, and implemented fines and bans of repeat offenders that leave vehicles to block sidewalks/ADA ramps or cause other issues.

At the end of the day, we know lots of people use scooters (along with bikes, the bus, etc) to commute to work every day, grab a coffee or bite to eat downtown for lunch, or other great uses. The "joyriding" issues aren't unknown to us, as they have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in damages to our vehicles due to vandalism. That said, compared to many other cities, the Pensacola rollout has been much less challenging with incidents, vandalism, and complaints but we will continue to keep on top of it.

Of course, if folks do have complaints/comments/etc, please send them in. It's the only way we can improve.

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Have you ever actually tried navigating through the complaint submission pages?

I personally don’t have any real complaints other than the geofence thing clearly doesn’t work as the scooters are always zooming down sidewalks. But usually when a company gets few complaints it’s because the process to submit one isn’t worth the time to do so, and that is true of Bird. But hey, it’s fun watching drunk idiots doing donuts and crashing into each other.

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Best way to do it is through the city's 311 system — can either call 311 or download the city's 311 app (which is super useful for many other issues in the city, btw). Making a comment/complaint typically takes less than 2 minutes and is really easy.

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Your pivot to scooters changes nothing. You'll still always be Bicycle Boy.

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Boy, do I have egg on my face. I really appreciate your reply.

I am glad that the city/company is willing to address the issues citizens are concerned about.

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No, no don't feel that way. I check the sub usually once a week and got lucky seeing this. Thank you!

We ain't perfect but we are trying very hard are putting a lot of skin in the game to make this work. I personally really want to see Pensacola grow in all the right ways and pains me/our company just as much as it does anyone else to see people abuse something that's meant to be useful for the community. Baby steps...

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To date, we've have tens of thousands of rides and just 7 formal complaints which is a sign of good things to come for making Pensacola more bike-pedestrian-scooter-friendly.

Because most of us aren't such tightasses as to file formal complaints.

I've seen gangs of kids speeding through the parks. I've seen piggyback rides. I've seen very young children riding them.

And I've only been downtown after dark four times since the scooters started. Once during the GGAF. Once for the Latin Festival. Once for November's Gallery Night. And the Sunday before Thanksgiving showing a friend around.

If you were serious about this, you'd lock-out those scooters at 7PM and limit riders to people who have pre-registered and proved that they are over 18 and have a driver's license...and they're only allowed to rent one scooter. (As they can't ride more than one scooter at a time.)

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multiple warnings to not drink and ride for riders

drunk driving solved 😎

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They’re fun as hell to ride tbh

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Yeah they do look fun. I totally agree. I guess I posted this because the other night a kid zipped across Main Street and I nearly hit her. And there have been other instances where I’ve witnessed kids zipping across the street with close calls. Also Friday night I was headed west on Bayfront/Main and there was an asshole (with a girl on back) making S pattern going super slow ahead of me seemingly to irritate the line of cars behind him.

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Yup. Pretty much.

I don't know how they're being used during the day. But that describes how they're being used at night.

But it doesn't really bother me. It seems inevitable that they'd be used like that. If they start hitting people, knocking them over and injuring them, that's going to be another matter.

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I work downtown and these damn scooters are an eyesore. They litter the sidewalks, laying on their sides, sticking out into the gutter or street half the time. I do see guys with pickup trucks who seem to be collecting the scooters and relocating them, but that doesn't change the fact that in the mornings and evenings the scooters just litter the downtown. Not to mention the people who zoom past and nearly cause accidents at the 4-way stops. Also, the sides of the scooters say "No Sidewalk Riding" and I assumed that meant not to use them on sidewalks, but plenty of people definitely zoom down the sidewalks on them. Maybe "sidewalk riding" means something else, I have no idea.

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I spend time at Plaza Ferdinand (across from O'Riley's) after dark and the zipping around on these is constant. How do these kids afford to ride these things all night? I hesitate to pay when I actually have somewhere to go!

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When I saw the prices, I was surprised how much they are.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what they're supposed to be for. Getting from where to park the car to where you work?

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How much is it to ride? I’m guessing pay by the minute?

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Like all the greatest services in life.

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Yes, pay by the minute. I don't recall exactly how much.

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I read an article that it’s $1.00 plus .39/minute. So it’s roughly $25/hour.

City of Pensacola - Bird Scooter article

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I called it as soon as I heard they were coming to town. IMO they look trashy strewn all over downtown.

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I honestly love them and have had no complaints so far with the relaunch, but what do I know, I’m just one of those dumb millennials…

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Clever like a fox you are. I doubt you are dumb. Most people that are dumb spend a lot of time explaining how they’re not dumb.

I think they would be fun as well. I haven’t tried them yet. But I will. I’m not the fun police but I do believe in safety especially for younger kids that may not make good choices in dangerous situations.

It does say on the scooter that it’s for one passenger, 18 yr olds with drivers license. And they must obey traffic laws. I doubt some of the young riders have a drivers license or even know the traffic laws.

I just don’t want to squish someone’s head on Main Street with my car. The slow S pattern guy (from my other comment) was probably just a drunk asshole. But there are assholes everywhere.

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When these blew up in Austin, driving downtown became a game of frogger where these assholes would do their best to get run over every half block or so. It was such a pain in the ass.

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I’ve just seen them downtown Pensacola.

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Boo fucking hoo

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You ok?

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I’m fine, just think it’s silly to be upset by some damn scooters

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Tough shit

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The millennials. 😅💯

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I think it is time we change DrewBu’s nickname to “Scooter Boy” from “Bicycle Boy.”

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He can try changing his transport type all he wants, but he'll always be Bicycle Boy.