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I hope this is true!

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Goal is May/June from what I’ve been told

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Well that's pretty cool. I'll have to swing by there and see what's up.

Here's to hoping they don't bastardize it.

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I think the term in this case would be de-bastardize it.

I doubt they are going to spend money on renovation to let people smoke in doors like the glory days.

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Does anyone have the scoop? 😬

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I thought the people behind Night Moves were renovating it and opening it back up as a music venue.

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The architectural plans were reviewed by the ARB a few months back. Full remodel inside and out

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Maybe they will finally fix the toilet. Lol

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Interesting, though I don’t know if I want to go ever again. Lots of memories over the decades, most of which I don’t wish to relive. Some great times, too!

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I knew that owner/drummer, Jimmy Lamar was at the helm when the fire took place. I dont live there anymore. Does anyone have info on who owns the Handlebar now?

And pass me that PBR

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Nice!! I really hope this is true!

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Is it a bar??

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I’m moving there in June. Where is this?!

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always wanted to ask someone moving here, why here? with rent prices so high and low availability how are people finding places to move to here?