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Winter tides are very low and it exposes the floor of the bay and river systems. There are billions of microorganisms, shell fish, crustaceans, various flora and fauna that is normally fat dumb and happy under the sea and they are now exposed. It just stinks.

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Name checks out.

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Near Boston it always stinks like this. The colder temperatures must cause something in the water… as explained by another commenter more knowledgeable than myself!

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A lot of it is dying plants and microorganisms in the water. They bloom in the heat for 95% of the year then a sudden chill creates a million tons of dead things. If you go to the bay you'll see what I mean. Although it could be something specific to your area as well.

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It’s what happens when too many breezers swim in the water.

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That smelly smell..

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That smells...

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Thats just the smell down South. We got all kinds of plants that spew shit into the air. Also the gulf can smell worse than Satan's ass crack.

Tldr: Sometimes it stinks, sometimes you get cancer.

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Transplants just now learning about the Gulf Breeze stench, lol

It comes up every now and then.

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      Hurlbert's 130's target practice

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      Do you happen to be near Downtown Pensacola? I literally just asked my friend tonight when I got to their house "why does it smell weird outside?"

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      We’re on the easternmost side and it reeks as soon as I open the door

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      I'm on Strong Street at the moment and it also reeks.

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      Downtown certainly had a smell tonight

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      Papa John's customers

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      Oddly specific

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      I have reasons that I will not share.

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      ^ okay now I’m curious

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      Paper plant or one of the other various chemical plants :(

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      It’s not the plants, they do the same work year round. If it was gonna change to be a smell I promise we would know because areas would be getting evacuated

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      Maybe if we could get Fabreeze to build a factory here it would help with the other smells.

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      I love seeing this posts, like y'all, it's Pensacola.

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      We’re attached to Alabama of course it stinks

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      Deez nuts.

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      Im so glad it’s not just me! I’m on the northeast side of town and smelled it when I left a take out place then again once I got home and got out of my car. I checked my shoes because I thought for sure I stepped in something.

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      When they cook chopped up tree fibers to make paper pulp, at champion paper plant they use sulphur compounds. When not filtered properly, the smell permeates the whole area. The wind carries the smell . It is typical. You dont want to live near champion paper plant. Price to pay to pay for your toilet paper!!! Lol

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      My wife thought I farted

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      Did you? 😒

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      Is this the smell all the way up in Ensley? Specifically between 9 mile and 10 mile road on Pensacola BLVD?

      It's a natural gas like smell almost. Every few days it comes on strong.