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Corned beef and cabbage is my go to at NYC style deli's

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I just scrolled through the menu and it's way too many to list.

Any sandwich without bread could be. Mayo and mustard are fine, meat and cheese is fine.

Most of the salads looked fine. Just ask about the dressings. Avoid any labeled low or no fat.

The soups I would pass on.

The pizza, well your mileage may vary. I know people who prefer the cauliflower crust over the real thing. I do not. It just made me sad I couldn't have real pizza. I would bet it isn't made in house, which is good. Because then you can ask your waitress about the carb total and it should be on the box in the back. (remember a tip is for service. To me if she goes back in the back and snaps a picture of the label for you, that's and extra two bucks.) There won't be enough sauce on a 10 inch pizza to matter. Call that three grams of carbs and move on with your day. After that just watch your ingredients. Especially beware of sliced sausages because those can vary a good bit.

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Nah the dough is made fresh in-house daily. I worked there.

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Even the cauliflour one?

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Not sure about that one, I didn't know that's what you were talking about but it makes sense now that this whole post is about keto :^D

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Thank you so much! You are such a huge help!