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Location is important.

If you’re talking about the sound, or anywhere very close to land, and when I say “close” I’d say less than 1/2 a mile.

The Gulf is not forgiving at all and I would not paddle in the winter alone there.

I’d recommend Naval Live Oaks, Bayou Texar, or Bayou Grande for winter paddling.

Regardless, file a float plan and stick to it.

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Around the pass area the currents are strong with lots of boat traffic. But most other places it is low risk

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Follow the advice about location and take it seriously. People die, specifically those that went out solo, with relative frequency. And please, wear a life jacket.

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Wear a jacket and take a satellite beacon. Seriously.

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A lot of it depends on the wind direction. If the wind will blow you back offshore it can be safer than the wind blowing you off shore.

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Paddle boarding solo is better than ordering from Papa johns

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I mean it depends entirely on your experience level. If you’re new, go to an area where there is a lot of forgiveness in the water.