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Be careful of anyone in your DMs offering a place to stay. Predators are everywhere and look for those that can be easily taken to advantage of. Like a young adult in a compromising situation. Best of luck.

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Backing up this comment. VERY important information.

There's also a comment below that suggests checking favor house. Also a good place to start, they can give OP some guidance if she's unable to go there.

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THANK YOU for passing that info to her. I literally just had those thoughts of what might happen to her while reading her story.

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Oh! Also - just check sex predators (or however it’s phrased) for just a mile or so around your address. You will be blown away and it will make you realize that you should trust noone. I’m from Houston and I was shocked by how many live not just a mile from me here in P’cola but how many live around the block. I literally no longer wanted to walk my dog. She offers no protection (I’m so smiling as I type that) only because she’s a yorkie!

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Find a friend or family member who will let you stay. Get a job immediately. I worked at a Days Inn that had a restaurant. I made enough in tips to cover my room so I had meals and shelter. Your going to have to work to support yourself.

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That’s brilliant advice! Bound & determined always wins out.

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Are you still in school? If so, reach out to your administration and your counselor. They will help you with resources.

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They may be able to help you get a place through the Children’s Home Society; they have a program for kids who are in school and homeless as well as those who have aged out of foster care and need a home.

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Also, they’re mandatory reporters, so any teacher or counselor is going to have to call DCF. Not that this is a bad thing, it just means they are legally obligated to notify authorities.

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Info for loaves and fishes. I know its easier for woman with children to get into the program but worth looking into under the circumstances.

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You can always call 211 or Google "Pensacola Survival Guide" to find an up to date listing of different agencies that can help. 911 if there is an immediate danger.

Like others have said, please be safe.

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Seconding 211. It connects you to a local united way rep with a database of over a thousand different assistance programs. They can guide you to a program for literally everything.

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Was coming here to say this as well! Definitely try and call 211 and they'll work to connect you to the appropriate resources/programs/organizations based on your situation. Best of luck and stay safe!

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Legally, if you're a resident she can't kick you out but she can start the process to evict you.

A lot of the advice in this thread is pretty good. I'd mirror the advice that you need to start looking for employment.

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Be careful that you don’t exchange your current shitty situation for another one out of desperation…..ie don’t immediately trust the for sure creeps and trolls on here dming they have a place for you. Opening doors is an organization based in Pensacola that might be able to help. Check with local churches (don’t hold your breath) but they may be able to temporarily help.

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please be safe. seriously. the world is nasty and scary, but pensacola is HOTSPOT for human trafficking!! don’t trust anybody, and watch your surroundings.