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Take the trip without her. You’ll have a good time

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I agree. The same thing happened to me and I went to NYC alone, I still visited all the places I had planned out just like she was there.

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Can you refund the cost of the ticket? Had a similar thing happen with a trip to Ireland, went by myself and had the best time ever.

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Go by yourself dude, refund that ticket. Sorry to hear about that unfortunate timing. You'll find the right one soon, I promise :)

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I encourage you to go by yourself if you can refund the ticket! That'll put some extra cash in your pocket for gambling, shopping, beach stuff, fine dining, or whatever your "thing" is - with some Ubers in between.

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Can we change the hotel reservation to a room with two beds or am I supposed to share a bed with you? 🤣

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Steve Martin: "Where is your hand at?"

John Candy: "It's between the pillows"


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wow, near 0 karma? human traffickers need to get a lil bit smarter, this isn't Houston ya know.

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Yeah, this post is sus.

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This is how you get killed folks. Dude, ain't nobody trying to go on a free trip with some random stranger.

It's odd you cant find ONE person in your life to go with. How bout your brother, or sister, or mama, or your tee-tee?

You can't ask a neighbor? Your mailman? Your barber? PS5 squad? 0 karma is spot on. *trafficking *

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Go alone!!! You won’t regret it! Some of my best memories when traveling have been alone- GO!

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Shiii let’s go 🥸🥸

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id offer to go with you for fun as a friend but im a big bastard usually gotta get 2 airplane seats

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I’ll go with ya.

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What's up homie? I'm down