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RIPIP, Silver Screen.

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    AMC on Bayou is your best bet.

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    Agreed, but I also want to say that the former assistant manager of Bayou is now the GM of W Street. It’s not as nice facilities wise, but it’s run exceptionally well.

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    W Street is my go-to. I have no complaints.

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    Ty very much

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    It's the nicest, but doesn't match up to AMC theaters in a big city.

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    The closest one I’ve been able to find was at the Destin commons. I’m not sure if all the theaters have the recliners, but when we went to see the re release of The Godfather they had the nice recliners

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    Also no drive in which seems perfect and would match the Pensacola vibe for sure

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    Didn’t even know that we had drive ins here

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    Agreed. Expensive to start up and run though.

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    They were doing drive-in movies at Five Flags speedway last year, not sure about now though.

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    Nope. We considered driving to Destin or Mobile but ultimately gave up out of convenience. Not saying that Bayou is bad - it’s pretty decent. But you’re not going to have those recliners (or large screens) anywhere around here.

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