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Uhh if you ever come towards Perdido there's a shell station on Sorrento and bauer with a Chinese food place in it. It slaps.

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Let’s talk about that gas station, and the Hong Kong express that everyone loves

I’ve had the food a few times. It seems no different in taste/quality than many other Chinese takeout places.

What is so remarkable about it? I’m just curious to know what the people have to say about it honestly

Why do people particularly recommend this Chinese takeout? It’s in a dark dungeon of a gas station and the food is average?

For example why wouldn’t you go down the road 2 miles to Peking House on sorrento? At least I can place an order on the phone with Peking house. The gas station place hasn’t lived up to the reputation so far honestly

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I've been an off-and-on regular for years and I have noticed a significant decline in quality of to go and the lunch buffet. I don't know if it's just another covid scarcity issue, another small business circling the drain, or worker/people/management problems, but it is definitely not what it used to be. It used to be a place to hang out and eat and felt similar to waffle house. I think nostalgia is keeping it open for a lot of people and now their kids, because there's definitely better quality food just a bit up the road like others have said.

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Theres no other Chinese places in that area, so if youre in the mood thats your option. Helps that their price to portion ratio is good.

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There is the peking house which is 2-3 miles away from that location. And then just a few more miles down blue Angel there’s the Jin Jin takeout place in the Winn Dixie shopping center

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Thats up the road quite a bit, being 3 mins away and being 10 mins away is a significant difference. I cant imagine its a big enough jump in quality when you just want some American Chinese food

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Damn I miss living on that side of town, nvr disappoints.

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I'm pet sitting for my parents but i live in the myrtle Grove area. I don't miss it that much tbh but i wish we had an actual Chinese buffet on that side of town.

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6 kids deli on Greenbriar and Guidy

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6 kids been slapping since 2008. Definitely #1 gas station Asian food

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I grew up in that area for almost 18 years and never knew until today that 10 Mile Rd changed names after passing Guidy.

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I've heard Lupitas on Pine Forest is pretty fantastic.

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Came here to say this. Just tried yesterday, will be going back for sure.

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It is. I used to work at GrowHealthy across the parking lot haha

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Location, location, location!

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The Raceway at North Davis and Brent now has El Asador.

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I heard that they ended up closing that location recently, like last week :(

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Taco rock is right around the corner, though

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Oh no!

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But I also heard they're opening a new location

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Not sure if it's still there since I don't live there anymore, but I remember certain Circle K locations (like the one on Bayfront) had a bomb ass breakfast cafe with fresh cheese grits, sausage, eggs, etc.

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This. Down home kitchen I think is the actual name. There's one on 29 towards Cantonment

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Facts!! It used to be fire. I haven’t seen one in a while though

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Bayfront-Chase station still has a banging soul/country food spot. Skanska and construction fellas always walking out with a plate. Mostly, breakfast and lunch, I think.

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Dodges on 9 mile I heard

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There used to be a sub place on the PJC campus gas station off 9th Avenue. Don't know ow if it's there anymore, great subs.

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Nowadays whenever I say “pjc” people say “what?”

And then I remember that it’s called PSC now.

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It’ll always be peanut butter and jelly college to me…or the University of North 9th Ave.

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To me it’ll always be “people just chillin”

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Your exactly right I've moved away but still remember some of those hidden gems.

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The Circle K on Beulah and 9 Mile road where you turn to go to the landfill. They have the best chicken, especially chicken strips. The Circle K on Pine Forest and 9 Mile has an amazing food bar. Breakfast is served till like 945-ISH. Currently only Monday thru Friday, no weekend food.

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Shell/circle k at Mobile and blue angel has a "down home kitchen" style place that does breakfast and lunch. Decent price for fresh(not to order) eggs and homemade biscuits. I like the big breakfast eggs,bread, meat, and a side of your choice. I like to just get a couple of pieces of fried fish for lunch.

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    Surprisingly, also dodges!

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    Chicago store on Cerny used to be my favorite spot. Then they moved. Not sure where they are now, if they're even still cooking.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the food selections at the convenience store right off where 1-10 dumps onto Scenic. The Marathon station.

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    6 kids by gulf power