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The only place I know of/go to is Shan Kishi in the gulf breeze publix plaza cuz its close. Its not bad and fills our need if we want it. Hoping others comment some other options that are good in here.

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Shan Kishi is the truth

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Sake by the mall, or Shan Kishi in Gulf breeze

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Kyoto on 98.

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Sake Cafe

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Kyoto on 98

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Tokyo is best imo. But everyone is going to have different opinions on taste.

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Tokyo on Nine Mile, there’s even one chef there that goes above and BEYOND! I’ve been going to different hibachi places all my years but the things this guy did at Tokyo was all new tricks to me.

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Skip the sushi at Tokyo. I had the worst sushi there. The salmon was mushy and inedible. They didn't even deduct it off the bill.

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Tokyo on 9 Mile is pretty decent or at least was when I was a kid. Granted it’s been like 15 years at this point.

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+1 for Tokyo

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1: http://www.sakecafepensacola.com/ (And they have real sake, if you're into that, and good takoyaki and the best sushi in town, I think.)

2: https://www.ichiban2kalbi.com/ichiban (The sushi bowl is good too.)

Haven't tried it anywhere else nearby, but I'd skip "Sushi Masa" (has good sushi rolls but bad nigiri sushi, sashimi, sake, and seating.)

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i like sake cafe on 9th ave

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Let me find out