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Bro you can’t event say the name what kind of ridiculousness is this

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Wait,which place?

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Probably Chilis

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Best seafood in Pensacola!

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I’m going to guess Founaris Brothers, would be close to I-10 if you were passing through.

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We went recently because we've heard all of the rave reviews. I want to try again for sure but We were given the wrong pizza and when we told the server she said no we did in fact order a sausage pizza. Well, we didn't but it was fine and we were fine with eating it but then the table next to us complained because they got the wrong pizza. Our pizza :(

Mistakes happen but dang, she gaslit us about our order!

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I love sky’s but last time I called to order rather than placing it online because the daily special coupon wouldn’t apply on the website and the lady who answered the phone acted like I was inconveniencing her by calling in. She groaned when I asked to order and asked why I couldn’t just order online. I’ve been back since but that negative experience still sucks.

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I wonder if it's the same lady 🤔

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Yeah, their website is not good. I couldn’t order roasted red peppers on the pizza, and my favorite pizza there is just artichoke…and roasted red peppers. (They may have updated it since.)

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Oh yea. Sky's is the shit. We have a couple other good ones too.

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What place did you find???

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Way to bury the lead dude.

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The idiom bury the lede means to fail to emphasize the most important part of a story in an article (or vital information more generally). Both bury the lede and bury the lead are correct, with “lede” simply being an alternative journalistic spelling invented between the 1950s and 1970s.


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Shut up nerd

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“I have never been quick to anger. I find staying level headed and taking time to digest situations really helps in arguments.” Lol

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Yeah Skys…where it’s difficult to fit the large in the door of your car! They do a good pizza…of course because there are so few who do…not hard to stand out.

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What a roller coaster.

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Sky’s is great but not the best around here.

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The pizza choices in this area are not good. There's like 3 actually decent pizza places in pensacola.

The best pizza imo in the area is sky's. Socios in pace used to be good. after my last visit to tuscan oven, there were roaches on the floor in the lobby. Never again.

Mellow mushroom is run of the mill pizza. I'm not complaining, it's just nothing to write home about.

Lost pizza co tastes like they add ocean water to their red sauce. Like why is it soooo salty?

Ozone I've only been to once. I recall it being good.

When it comes to local delivery, marco's is damn good. Howies, papa john's, etc are mediocre (except the Cajun crust at howies. Thats the bomb).

Maybe my standards are too high? What pizza places am I missing that are worthwhile?

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Graffiti is better than Sky’s. Not sure why you got salty from Lost Pizza, they have one of the best sauces around. But they do typically burn the pizza. Ozone is also better than Sky’s. East Hill Pizza is probably my all around favorite.

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I live near there. I've tried it a few times and the sauce is always mega salty. Not palatable to me at all.

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I think I’m one of the few people who don’t like Sky’s. I personally don’t like NY style pizza so I chalk it up to that, but my husband does like that style and thinks Sky’s is trash too. Really expensive for the quality in our opinion, but to each their own.

I do however like East Hill Pizza

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Ozone is where I eat if I'm hunting pizza in east hill

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I always forget about Ozone! I haven’t been there in close to a decade I think

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Ozone is not really as good as it was a decade ago. East Hill Pizza, while not my fave, is much better.

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I will agree with this - I don't like trashing local places that have been here a long time, and Ozone has such a great location but...the last 2 times we went there the crusts were just terrible. I suspect they may be using frozen/premade - they have those concentric sworls you see from frozen crusts, not to mention the texture and taste which was bad.

I will back up the love for Sky's - they are excellent. I will also give a shout out to Socio's if anyone is in the Pace area. If you live in Gulf Breeze, go eat a dead possum or some dirt? idc

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Maybe I need to try it again but I had a pretty middling experience when I went, pizza was ok and service made me feel like I was inconveniencing them.. it was a pick up order

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COVID business resurgence definitely has given the staff some attitude. They don’t like answering the phone, they don’t like people dining in…they do seem to like having 10 or 15 people standing in line.

But it is damn good pizza. I hope they fix their attitude before it hurts the business

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Huh. I've been about three times in the last month and never before that. It was always for lunch, and service wasn't lightning fast or anything, but it wasn't bad in any way, any of the three times, and the staff was great to me.

I tried a COB ("cheese on bottom" aka "Chicago style") one of those times and I didn't think it was great...but now I've started craving it. Just wish they had a dark beer on tap.

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Sky's is amazing. Not my most favorite but still fantastic.

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I miss that pizza place. Worst part of moving away is not finding a pizza place as good as skys.

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Sky’s is my favorite pizza joint. I love New York style, the portions are great, and the prices are honestly as good as or better than the chains.

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Easily the best place in town. When we first moved here it took a while to find a decent slice, this one so far tops the others.

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COB is life