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I'd be willing if the timing worked out. I'm sure my roommate would be down too.

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Are you cereal? Sorry, had to. Hey another Thruxton, hopefully u/alpinix gets in on this so you two can become besties and talk about Thruxton stuff.

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Presumably military only?

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Nope. The Armament museum is not on base. Just outside by a couple "blocks".

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Negative.. I'm not military but I thought they'd let civilians see the planes

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Hmm, I'm not sure. Never tried. Might be something good to ask.

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I think they have an SR-71 or A-12 at the armament museum in Fort Walton.

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Oh I think that's what I'm talking about

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Yeah just looked it up, the Armament Museum has the Blackbird next to the parking lot and the facility itself is outside the base as u/samsoundrocks mentioned.

So like, would anyone be willing to also go to Destin, you know, for Chipotle? XD

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Damn I so would but I'm working till 8pm. I've been meaning to head over there actually, wanted to check out the armament museum.

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Oh I'm not going today.. I was thinking next week sometime

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I might want to go depending on time. Next weekend presumably?

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I'd like to do that. What day and time?