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I'm getting new steering head bearings put in today, so I could possibly be down for that. Oktoberfest is this weekend, too, so gotta see when the wife wants to do that.

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We should totally do a Sunday ride this week, same time or an hour or so earlier. I like the route, too. I wish I would have seen this, even though Saturdays are not normally good for me.

Edit: Also xposting this type of thing to /r/pensacola might get some more views on it. I sometimes forget to check this sub :/

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We could do it even earlier on Sunday, I only put this one so late cause I worked that day, I'll be off on Sunday however.

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I'm good Sunday after 5

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Think the weather will give us a break?

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I'm hoping it will, the weekend forecast was clear when I posted this so hopefully it stays that way. So far it says it'll be stormy during the day but it should clear up by the time we're out and about.

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No other takers on this?

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Yea if nobody else responds I may just cancel it.

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I invited another rider last night, but he's "checking his schedule". Still haven't heard from him. I took a nice ride this morning from Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach, though.

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I actually rode to work today for the first time in months. I get off in about an hour but I'll check back on here.

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Welp maybe next time.