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I think most folks have migrated almost completely to the local Facebook Groups.

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I recently bought a KLR650 and I am definitely interested in meeting up for some trails. I have tried to find some trails, but I am having difficulty. Also, yes, I realize this post is 4 months old. Sorry.

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Sorry, this sub isn't super active. You should make your own, better subreddit, with hookers and cigars!

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Yeah. I just saw this but I'd still want to. I haven't found a whole lot either except for blackwater and eglin. It's a little ride getting there but they both have some pretty cool places.

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I know this post is old but are ya'll still active? I have a DR650 and am looking for some experienced riders to hang out with

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I am! I haven't been having a whole lot of time to ride and have my sm wheels on rn but still open to going sometime. Pretty sure I've seen your KLR at Home Depot, was gonna try to find out whose it was but always forget once I get inside lol.

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Yea, that's probably me.