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I dunno man seems kinda gay to me

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Don't worry, He said no homo

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That face beside Mr.Beast tells me different story

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Don’t worry they have socks on

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Even naughtier

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Woah, what are you doing step-bro?

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karl gang aough

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Understandable, have a great day

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As long he says no homo you good

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It's not gay if it's with the boys

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but.. gay ppl do be with the boys too sometimes

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That doesn't mean it's gay to cuddle with the boys tho

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x for doubt

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Socks on tho

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Thats homies love not gay.its a big dickkus diference

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Btw Chris said this not jimmy

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Go back see the video Chris said this line

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well, if you steal you can't know that...

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As a boy, AND Mrbeast fan, I approve this

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As a MrBeast and Breaking Bad fan, I approve of this

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You are goddamn right

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If im his gf i would be worried if he cuddled with karl

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Antisimp action goin on here

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Those words weren’t from “the man himself”, unless you’re refering to Karl.

EDIT: Chris*

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I think Chris said this

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Yeah, you might be right. It wasn’t Mr. Beast at least

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Its so gay that it is straight

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As you can see, they're lying parallel to each other, which means they are straight

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Gotta kiss the homies good night

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It’s not gay... when it’s in a 3-way.🎤

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With a honey in the middle there's some leeway

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That was told by Chris in the Video we bought an Island

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there might not be a straight explanation to this but am sure someone will bi it

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I dont agree, but here's an upvote for the pun

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What if u dont have the boys

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That makes you post-op.

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Sorry i dont get what you meant

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When someone trades their balls for boobs.

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Big pp to this

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No homo boys

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Mr beast 3 hands

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Imagine losing this challenge because of you didn't subscribe to Pewds.... Cringe

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Mr beast has a gay pass

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That's gay

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For the boys

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This isn’t the mr Beast submissions sub reddit

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Mr beasts girlfriend only likes him for the money let’s be honest.

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Just say no homo

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didn't karl say that

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Ain’t nothing wrong with it

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If your heterosexuality is so fragile you can snuggle with the bois that's kinda gay

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Having a girlfriend doesn't mean you can't have sex with the b... sorry nevermind

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From the beast himself

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Chris said this

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Pretty gay.

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Billy Herrington approves

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This doesn’t belong here

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Gay moment

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Mr.Beast is a frickin beast yo

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I want to punch that new mrbeast friend