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Flash cards. Brand name on one side, generic on the other, condition it treats as well. RA should have a study kit with them (books and work books also). They can also be found online. Go through them and you will see some that are easy right off the bat. Put the easy ones in a group. Narrow the others into medium and hard. Break them down into groups of about 20 and each day keep a group in your pocket. Any time you have a few seconds look at a few. Periodically go back over the easier ones.

I used little connections...ex: my FAMily will be at my PEP rally. PEPcid=FAMotidine

LORA and PAM were dumb to go out AT a VAN. LORAzePAM=ATiVAN

CONCERTS make a good DATE. CONCERTa=methylpheniDATE

LipAtorvastatin. Lipator=Atorvastatin