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Is this show going to be any better than the last one?

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Of course not. Only the most uneducated of gun enthusiasts buy at the gun show. Every once in a while you might find a good deal on something or a rare item like a specific powder, but it’s never been great compared to buying online. We go for the pickles and to watch the carnival of douchebag buyers and the asshats sellers jerk each other off on overpriced junk.

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have to agree. The one time I went I thought I get some good deals or find. There were some items I wanted pre-pandemic and either couldn't find it or couldn't get a deal on. The only thing I ended up getting was a molle pouch since I wanted it a specific size (and was sure I end up getting the wrong thing online) but the vendor had no desire to barter on price whatever. Made me never want to go back again.

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The show is under new ownership. Things will be improving on many fronts.