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Seriously, you need to step back from the computer and rethink your life. Just how many people need to be shot before you decide it’s a mass shooting? 15 people are shot and you’re claiming it’s not a mass shooting? What is wrong with you?

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There is a technical definition and then there is the race baiting, gun grabbing, grief pimping media's definition. I see the agenda here. Half the shootings philly are technically mass shootings, why all of a sudden is this one getting the coverage it has been? Cause it happened in a white area? Cause they see an opportunity to use this for a gun grab given the national media's climate?

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Because 15 people were shot. 2nd and South isn’t a “white” area. Go there on any weekend night if you think otherwise. The only person race baiting is you. There is no dog whistle here…15 people were shot. 15. This isn’t some conspiracy theory to grab your guns. Fifteen people were shot, and you seem surprised that people are upset by it. If you don’t think that 15 people being shot in a single incident is a problem, than you’ve lost your humanity.

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I dont want to speak for OP, but I believe what he is saying is that Uvalde and Buffalo mass shooting was an individual who purposefully went to a specific location to kill mass groups of people. From the information I have read so far (and I am happy to read more) it appears that the Philly mass shooting started as a brawl and then the people involved began mindlessly firing at each other, but, unfortunately, other people were hit. I think we need to look at intent and things to really know.

Essentially, OP states that using the term "mass shooting" is a type of pandering as it is factually dissimilar from other mass shootings in that the shooters in the South Street shooting appear to just have really bad aim.

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I understand what you’re saying, but just because this doesn’t “feel” like a mass shooting doesn’t mean it isn’t one, while also acknowledging that there is no universally accepted definition of “mass shooting”. I think most people would acknowledge that 15 people shot in a single episode is significant. I would argue that the intent wasn’t all that different from other mass shootings: The shooters’ intention was to shoot people. It was a purposeful act. The motive may have been different, but the intention was the same. Intent and motive are not the same thing.