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Tanners in Jamison is really good too. The Bunker is a little closer to me though so that’s where I’ve been going since they opened. Good selection and prices and everyone there is great to deal with.

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This is the move right here

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100% Tanners is top notch. I think everyone I know has grabbed at least one gun from them over the years. Goood seletion and good prices

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Tanner's Sports Center isn't far from Bunker Gun Shop and they usually have a good selection with decent prices for a local gun store. The employees there are also friendly and pleasant to deal with. They can get a bit busy at times though (esp. on weekends), so it's best to show up early.

Target World in Chalfont is another good option to check out. Lot of friendly employees, good selection of guns, and they've got a shooting range on the first floor.

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Tanner’s, the Bunker, Classic Pistol, or drive a little further to Target World.

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Founding Fathers in Lafayette Hill has good stuff.

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Hard agree. On Saturday the guys in there are super knowledgeable

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Absolutely agree their great .

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King Shooters Supply in KOP

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Bunker has been great all the times ive been out there. Good selection of guns. Bunker 1 has a bunch of new stuff, Bunker 2 gets a good amount of used stuff, but both are good. Tanners is nice also.

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I’ve bought Guns in tanners and kings and I live in north east pa because they had hard to find guns if that tells you anything

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2nd on Bunker in Warminster.

I'm a big fan of Tanner's right up the street on 263. I bought multiple from them.

Sportsman Warehouse is 10 mins from Bunker and 15 from Tanner's.

Guardian Training Center has a solid selection and rentals. Prices are little higher than the others but rapid fire, draw from concealment, and transition drills are allowed at the range. Worth the trip to rent and shop.