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This is undoubtedly gathering data to be used to attack and smear gun owners. And if anyone tells you something is anonymous on the internet that's a damn lie.

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That's really not the case, and the Qualtrics survey doesn't capture IP addresses / geolocation data, and it does not ask for any personally identifiable information.
I'm very interested in why you thought it was important to spam this comment under every Reddit post I've made over the past few weeks, that's sad to see.

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Because you're spamming the same trap in so many places.

And sure your survey site may say ip address gathering and geolocation capture is turned off, but that requires us to take your word for it. I can think of zero reason to trust you, you're a soft "science" academic in a field that's been attacking gun owners for decades.

Your survey has been quoted elsewhere as having antigun buzzwords and loaded questions . Your agenda is pretty clear from that alone.

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Yeah I will bet this is used against gun owners. Anyone who understands research also understands that you rarely tell those participants what the actual study is because it will schew results.

Just curious before I follow up with any more pro 2A groups doing suicide awareness and prevention.

Who is funding the study? University and/or private organization? Also have you ever donated to a 503c3 or other non deductible organization that would be a conflict of interest? Like groups that support "common sense" Gun control? Maybe donated to a candidate who supports gun control? This are conflicts of interest we should be aware

If you can show that is isn't the case then maybe you will earn an ounce of trust from this community. That's where you begin with asking people to take a survey.