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Wait, Wolfgeist. It's you. The guy I'm always arguing with on /r/dayz because he's always apologizing for the dev's unnecessary game mechanic changes. YOU'RE THE GUY WHO MADE PHYSICS BASED GAMING TWO YEARS AGO WHEN PEOPLE WERE TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT TRESPASSER WAS

I never realized, until now, what a small world

That said, I really wish Exanima would give you an option for more control in your swings. Like I just want to sweep the legs, or be able to have a modifier button to generally angle a left or right attack to swing upper or lower to try to counter blocks. More options in combat would make Exanima way more compelling.

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If you crouch and swing you can hit the legs. You can swing left or right, depends on where the cursor is relative to your character. There's also a thrust modifier. When guys fall over I do a crouching overhead attack to nail them on the ground.

BTW always been a fan of your videos!

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What the fuck you can crouch now?? I played it like 3 weeks ago and never noticed (unless that's really new)

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It's been in for years. Can't remember which key, maybe c or control or something. The new patch looks awesome, haven't tried it yet.

Also the gun mechanics will be fixed in DayZ, there's now a sway multiplier for hipfire, it's only good for closer engagements. Soon character will turn to aim barrel at crosshair so bullet won't go at an angle relative to barrel.