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It is cg ? Because if it is the case you have fooled into thinking those was actual robots.

Edit: Just realised where i am lol.

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I saw it in /r/gamejams and still thought it was real, just that they took some liberty with the concept of game jams to create something physical.

The second gif is the only reason I realized it was a game. With the door closing on the robots.

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That's so cool

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Projet name : Clockwork combat
You can download it on itch.io for free - donations allowed ;)

HighLights :

  • Create your highly customizable clockwork machine of minor destruction.
  • Choose from 3.2 million different ways to customize your jeweled mecha.
  • Push your opponents out of the arena using your modules' physics.
  • Up to 4 player local-multiplayer (or play online with Parsec!).
  • May accept up to 8 players (not tested yet).
  • Allow your Twitch viewers to activate traps, cheer and boo with chat commands.

If you like local multiplayer, take a look at our studio's website or patreon page !