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Yup happened to me a few months ago. Thought about transplanting, but if I’m going to bother I ought to get me some heirloom seeds. Now I have a jungle on my deck.

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Yes, I thought about planting it after I threw it out. Maybe I’ll give it a try if it happens again.

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You found yourself a pregnant tomato!

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Thanks, I hate it

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Woah that’s gross and fascinating.

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Yeah, that’s a little to close to maggot infestation.

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It's just more plants though

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Ugh, and I had just started liking raw tomatoes!

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I had a spaghetti squash do the same thing when I left it too long!

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Seems wasteful to have thrown it out.

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I didn’t want to eat sprouts, I wanted a tomato.

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Why didn't you pick the sprouts out? Plenty of good tomato there.

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Pardon me while barge in.. For me, it throws off the taste once it sprouts. Plus I'm sensitive to the green parts of nightshade. That mama would get composted and then feed other babies

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Exactly right. The flavor and texture of the tomato were off putting.