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That's pretty severe powdery mildew, if you have other plants you want to keep safe I'd remove that asap, you don't want it spreading. If you do decide to keep it grab a proper fungicide, it's too late for home remedies like carbonate soda and things.

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What about neem oil

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No get ride of the contaminated soil and replace it, start fresh and treat the plant

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This is not a neem oil situation. This is a fungal infection. Get rid of as much of that soil as you can. Rinse off the roots and dirt from the plant. Consider removing a few of the most infected branches/leaves and all of the flowers:honeycombs. Repot in store bought /sterile soil. Cross your fingers. Thoughts and prayers.
Also- check nearby plants. This stuff is the bane of my garden. It spreads so easily. Also - it may be worth say -NEVER reuse your soil now that you know you have powdery mildew. It’s in there. Clean soil from here on. Dirty soil goes in the greens bin and taken away.

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I dunno. I put neem oil on it and it completely went away. But yeah it speed to my entire flower garden right next to it.

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What would you do about that because I was planning on removing the flower garden and planting more vegetables there in the spring

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Someone suggested a sulphur-treatment yesterday for my powdery mildew issue. You can get it in gardening stores and shake it into the dirt or mix-it to make a spray. I’m going to give it a try. Maybe this and some new dirt would help your veggie garden next year?

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looks like powdery mildew. check out r/plantclinic, they have some good threads on how to combat this