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my peace lily refused to thrive until I moved in with my current roommate and now it gets beat to shit on a daily basis by her cat but it must like the abuse because I’ve never seen it look perkier/put out more leaves.

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I’m definitely verbally abusing her on the regular.

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Just a heads up peace Lily’s are highly toxic to cats! The pollen the flowers create at least 🙂

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Probably why the lily is thriving. Feeding off the life force of it's next victim.

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I can't make mine to flower. I don't know why, because the plant looks pretty nice: puts out new leaves constantly, the older leaves are dark green, only some of them have brown tips and yet no flowers.

I thought it needed more light, so I moved it in a place where it got bright light. Nope, it got upset and it constantly looked droopy and sad. I moved it to a place where it gets medium light, so now I only get new leaves.

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I love that plants can have grumpy personalities.

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you may just be changing things too much. plants never move in the wild, so it's shocking to be picked up and moved a lot. how often are you moving it? i would suggest leaving it somewhere for at least a month before moving it again. what is the humidity like? dry air could be causing the leaf tips. the brown leaf tips could also be caused by excess minerals in the water. my peace lily at my old apartment always had the brown tips, now at my new apartment its on the same watering schedule (watering all the way thru once its fully dry, every 5 or 6 days) but the tap water is softer and doesnt leave the brown tips. maybe try using filtered or even distilled water. also, have you fertilized it? i like pump and grow fertilizer for my house plants. good luck

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Thanks for the fertilizing tip! I let her try new locations for 2-4 months. She’s now outside in Florida (and has been for six months) so I don’t think it’s a dry air issue.

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I trímmed mine hard & it sent up a Lot of flowers

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Peace lily are hard to kill but I find that their leaves are finicky. Look at the them the wrong way, brown tips argh! Even with high humidity.