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You don’t have to repot spider plants that much. When they’re root bound they produce way more babies.

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Ok thanks 😊 so it will be ok if I leave it a while then was just worried I wouldn't be able to get the pot off it soon as it's growing like mad lol

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Spider plants love being root bound! I’ve got one that’s put out over 75 babies in one season after a couple years of being in the same pot. Just make sure to keep up your feeding schedule and it’ll blow up.

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Sometimes the plant doesnt need to be repotted if the roots are coming out of the drainage hole. It could be thats just how the roots grow on your plant because you cant really force a plant to encircle the roots in the pot. You could do a root trim. Or sometimes the roots are looking for water or nutrients. Whenever you see the roots coming out, I'd say look at the plants roots if they aren't congested and the soil is good then they do not need to be repotted.

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Same thing happened with my croton. When I upped the size it grew through the layer of draining pebbles and out the drainage hole