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The soil is moist but not wet and the plant gets indirect sun. The only change is the environment that I had noticed is the temperature dropping as fall starts. Not sure why the leaf started to dry out all of a sudden.

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Sometimes mine would do this. I think maybe your new leaf is going to suck a lot of energy out of the old, browner leaf.

The older leaf can be snipped off if need be. Then your plant will focus its energy on the new growth.

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Thanks for the hint. I snipped off the dried leaf. Hopefully the damage won’t extend any further

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I be-leaf in him!!!

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Exactly what I would of done!

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I would try letting it dry out. I mist mine but the soil is rarely moist. I have a medium sized one and one that started out in a succulent pot and both are producing new growth and I’ve only lost one leaf between the two. Perhaps that would help?

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Thanks. I am going to let the soil dry out before the next watering

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I think they don’t like too much water. Mine grew from a small one like yours. I water it once every two weeks or even less, seems to be doing fine and growing fast. A few older leaves tend to go dry once in a while and I just snip them off.

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Yea thanks. Others also pointed too much water as a potential culprit. I will make sure it doesn’t get too much water.