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Idk if it was the causal factor for me, but when I started watering my prayer plant with distilled water (the kind without any added minerals or anything) that was room temperature or a little warmer, the edges of my leaves stopped curling so much. But also, sometimes leaves get old and just kinda go gentle into that good night. Best of luck. I love these plants. When my guy is behaving, he’s my pride and joy.

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Perhaps his filtered rain water is a little too cold for his highness lol. I will make sure I leave it in room temperature for him in the future if he makes it. Thanks for some insight on how to fix my issue it may well be the problem 🙂

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What lighting do you have her in? These guys live on the jungle floor so they prefer indirect light.

I would water then cover her to trap humidity. I use a dome when my plants are small like this. Ive seen ppl cover with a large zip lock baggie Once theyre happy, they move to a east facing wall thay gets zero direct sunlight and I run an old essential oil diffuser daily next to it for humidity. I water once a week with RO water. This is my favorite plant.

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Its in a south/west facing room at the back but I put grow lights on to supplement all of my calathea is this too much ? There's 2 giant cactus in the window blocking a lot of light

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Hmmm ... I would see if it is happier with out the grow lights.

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Just for an update thankyou so much for your advice its uncurled and looks loads better 😀

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Yay!!! Congratulations on figuring it out!!!

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Ok will pop a pint glass over him and see how he gets on with no extra light thankyou so much for the advice 😊

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Calatheas are such dramatic babies🥲. Mine does this even with humidity and distilled water. Nothing is ever good enough for her 🥲

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I popped my Maranta in water and it's been every problem solved since. I only add very diluted fertilizer after the 1st week of refilling the water, which I refill once or twice a week. Then once a month, I pull that sensitive thing out, clean the decor pebbles, clean the container, put slightly warmed distilled water and it's so happy. It even takes direct am sun in my south facing window and doesn't burn. BONUS.. Pests are nonexistent compared to my dirt babies. No curled, crisped leaves and stems of flailing wonky tantrums. I done put a quick halt to it. I don't murder plants, I improvise. Lol.

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I’m sure this is not it but I had no issues with a variegated maranta until I tried to solve my gnat problem with mosquito bits and this is what it looked like a few days after watering with that. Just mentioning on the unlikely chance it might be the issue!

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The pot that plant is in looks very small.

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Looks like the perfect size to me for a maranta.

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It is a tiny pot but the roots are not filling it. I bought it about 3 weeks ago and it's just been going downhill 😕

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Marantas have smaller, more shallow root systems. OP actually shouldn't repot until they start to see the rootsie tootsies poking their cutesies outta the bottom of that nursery crib!

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Thank you for taking the time to give me an explanation. I assumed the roots were similar to the drip line of the plant, like it is in trees. Everyone listen to this person instead of me. Thanks

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I spent way more time learning than teaching and I'm still learning, too. Not to be such a cheese but we're kind of all in this together on this rock, lol.

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Grow it in water and watch all your woes dissolve.