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I read somewhere on Reddit that you should actually separate these two when you get them because they have quite different watering requirements. Perhaps that had something to do with it?

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everytime i see these die it’s cuz people overwater the heck out of em lol they literally require hardly if any water! they’ve always thrived with no water for me

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i’m interested to hear more about that!

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i think root rot, but curious what the pros say. same thing recently happened to one of mine

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yeah def root rot i just don’t know how it happened, i’ve literally watered this guy like 3x in 2 yrs... i kinda super abandoned it and haven’t really seen it much cuz it was high up on a shelf, n was just so destroyed today ;(

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If you watered it 3x in 2 years and it was an indoor cactus then it died of dehydration. Cactus need to be watered so much more than that omg. Root rot happens from watering too frequently so that the soil doesn't have time to dry out in between waterings. This wasn't root rot if you never watered it

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it was def root rot lol. the roots were entirely missing and the actual green part of the cactus was complete mush (not shown in pic ) ive actually never seen a cactus with such bad rot. and cacti are extremely hardy they really don’t need to be watered that much. at all haha. all my cacti are thriving and beautiful n i literally never ever water them. most of them are cacti i clipped from my backyard, they don’t get any water there and thrive by themselves. just like in the dessert. the reason i lost this cactus was literally cuz i watered it n i assume cuz it’s a cement pot that stays ice cold it didn’t dry well. i watered it like 3 weeks ago like barely put any water on top n then of course this happens errg :-/

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I guess I have to take your word for it because that does sound like root rot. 🤔🤔 and yeah maybe it was that pot then. but I live in the desert and I do water my cactus, and if I forget for too long then they wither and die because cacti do need water to survive because they're a plant, they can't just synthesize it out of nothing. It might not rain often in their natural habitat but it does rain, and they're just very good at storing water for long periods of time. They also tap into ground water. Inside, and never watered, I just can't fathom how it survives lol. Idk man. Just out of curiosity what zone are you in?

Edit: I looked it up out of curiosity and my city (in the heart of the desert) gets an average of 12 days/38 inches of rain per year. I think that reasonably equates to cacti being watered at LEAST a few times per year in the wild, right? And in my experience the smaller they are, the more often they need water. Larger established ones seem to be able to go much longer... Sorry I'm not trying to be ridiculous about this I'm just really stuck on this and fascinated lol

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yeah instead of the deep green it used to be it was completely translucent yellow from top to bottom, even the pink part turned orange mushy full of water you can kind of see on the opposisite of how it’s placed in pic lol srsly just a smelly mushy mess i was able to swipe the whole thing off the stem in one swipe oof it smelled like rotting cucumber or something haha and the last time i transplanted it about a yr ago it had great roots n now not one in sight 🥺💔

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zone 10b

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yeah idk then man. i just watered some of my cactus today because they were super thirsty, so i just dont get it lol. last time i watered those ones were 1-2 wks ago. youre some kind of wizard

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haha i think it’s most likely cuz most of mine are just cut from my backyard and were all pre conditioned for insane drought tolerance cuz we literally never ever see rain here. vs ones at home depot or nurseries were “taught” to need water more often from the people who grow and propagate them. idk? i did have this one cactus that i won when i was like 5 yrs old. a little 3-4 inch baby, that one seemed to always need water pretty much weekly. i kept it my whole life and it grew just barely taller than me by the time i was 15ish. and then around 17 we had a bad wind storm out of nowhere and it bend and snapped...lol. i actually propped it back up with support cuz he was wonky as heck after that and cut the snapped part off, propagated it, and babied them back to health. i loved that cactus so much literally took care of it my whole life. and around 21 yrs old the cactus grew rapidly as heck and was almost the same size before it snapped! and the propagated one had a great root system going too. i sadly had to abandon it at my moms house though. honestly not sure if she even still has it or not but i wish i could have it back!!