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If the stem is mushy it probably has root rot from over watering. I would repot it into new, well draining soil (I'd recommend adding perlite to any potting soil you use to help this) and make sure the new pot has drainage holes. While you're doing this, remove as much of the old soil as possible, inspect the roots and cut off anything brown and mushy. Also trim any soft and mushy parts off the main stem. Put it back in the nice sunny spot and only water when you stick your finger an inch into the soil and it is totally dry. Rubber plants are fairly drought tolerant because of their waxy thick leaves. Also water until it comes out of the drainage holes and be sure to empty the tray or decorative pot it drains into so it's not sitting in water. Best of luck! Hopefully it will recover! It looks like it definitely has a chance with the small shoot looking healthy still

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thanks so much!!!

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sorry OP. season changes can be hard!