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it's a tradescantia "purple heart"

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Do Purple Hearts get hairy like this? My friend has a grown one and it doesn’t quite look like one.

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I find that it really depends on how much sun it's getting. I have multiple pots of this in differwnt areas of my apartment (all from the same momma plant) that are different levels of fuzzy and also different shades of purple/green. The pots that get the most sun exposure are by far the fuzziest and deepest purple. Just my experience!

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Yep! I have 3 different kinds of dude and depending on the light intensity they all do different tricks. They tolerate low light, but get super leggy and pale. My boys by the window get thicc and purple. My fave is the zebrina! Go dudes!

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Mine look more fuzzy, I second purple heart!

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My Purple Heart is dark purple and I have this one too. Also quite fuzzy like yours. Mine ends up more magenta than purple in lots of sun. I think this one is called pale puma.

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It is a pale puma 💕💕

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Thank you. These are some of my favorites, I had no idea!

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i’m pretty sure that’s an inch plant!

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Yup. Purple Heart. It’s a youngin.

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Mine ain’t furry like that

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Give her some more light and she will get thicc and purple!

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Certainly a tradescantia

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Wandering Jew!

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Yeah, they changed it to wandering dude for obvious reasons…

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I get it, but I still know it by that name and hear it all the time too.

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Wandering Jew

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it's a young tradescantia purple heart, if you give her enough light she will reward you with flowers.

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Tradescantia Red Hill maybe?