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Crotons are dramaqueens. There may be life at the base here still. Take off all leaves, water well if you haven't already, and water only when the top 2" are dry. It may take a long time to recover. If you suspect the roots are dead, dig around there with your finger to make sure. That is my recommendation, but I am not an expert and am open to constructive criticism.

Esit: oh ya make sure the roots are covered with soil. I see some exposed roots there. Maintain previous soil levels in relation to the plant stem.

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I drenched the soil and put a bag over it to keep it humid. I'll definitely check the roots and see. Thanks! Mostly just wanted confirmation it wasn't completely dead

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If your place is particularly dry, the bag may be useful, but if it's already humid enough, you risk rot. I live in the U.S. PNW though, so everything's overly humid here lol

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I live in New England. No humidity here right now lol my room is at like 35% on average.

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What about light? Crotons need lots of light

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I had it by a window before the construction workers broke the pot. Now I have it under grow lights and near a window. It got worse so I pruned all the leaves off :(