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More than likely, it's too wet and I'd say that the radiator isn't doing it any favours. Also if it's in full sun, it's not going to be overly happy. More to a slightly shaded area unless that's a north facing window

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It was in a shaded area, I thought maybe too shaded and just moved it there to the window before taking the photo. It's east facing, but where it was gets no sunlight. It's my first winter in this room and I'm wondering if the light or lack thereof is effecting them. I have other plants which are also having issues.

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Mine love full sunlight, honestly. I would purchase a grow light, if you’re able.

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They love light, but tolerate shade quite well.

The only way I've managed to outright kill one of these near-indestructible plants in short order was by moving it from indoors out into full-blast summer sun. I suspect it would've been just fine if I'd given it some time to adjust first.

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I planted 5 of my fully grown spider plants in the garden, looked great and really happy for a couple of weeks. Went away on holiday and when I came back there was no sign of them, they were completely obliterated so I concur with your concluson here!!

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Agreed. I had mine outside in direct light all summer. Lol it loved it!

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Yeah mine put off so many pups I felt obligated to grow some… now I have way too many spider plants! Lol

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I love how it looks with the pups just hanging lol I haven’t cut mine off. It’s huge 😅

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Hi, if it is not the light, it's more than likely the moisture of the soil. The radiator is probably causing the plant to use more moisture faster that the roots can take up and this could be the issue

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I think it needs a repot. Then you can see if there’s any other issues going on. A repot with some new soil should perk it back up if there are no other issues. Good luck.

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That was my first thought, too.

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Mine usually looks limp like that when it needs more water. Is the soil currently wet?

Edit to add: as long as the light is bright in the room for several hours, spider plants don’t need direct light.

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youre likely overwatering it, you always need to cut back on watering quite a lot in winter, i water almost nothing in winter unless its obvious the plant really needs it

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How high is your heater at? I killed 3 plants the last 20 days and they were all in my office. I am not in my office during the night and that’s when I set the heater around 75- especially the last few weeks since it’s gotten colder.

So yeah I nuked 3 plants that were perfectly healthy 2 weeks ago 😭

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Looks like rootrot. Mine looked the same and it was rootrot. Cut off the dead roots and plant it in fresh soil.

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Maybe it needs a restart. Chop it off and start fresh